Family Camp


Family Camp

2018 August 31 – September 3



The goal of Family Camp is to provide a place to relax and recharge with your family. Quite simply you’ll be invited to choose your own adventures. There will be times for families and individuals to participate in a variety of ways as individuals and as a larger collective. With many options of pre-set activities, the days will lend themselves with the ease of choosing how much of a laid-back or energy punched day to suit your families wishes.

Wouldn’t it be great to arrive at a family vacation knowing there are good, wholesome, things that your entire family can choose to do together without any added expense? Feel free to go Canoeing, hiking, relaxing in a hammock that you can string up between two trees, splashing in a river, utilizing any one of the high or low elements Camp has to offer (with a few facilitators at your disposal!) Tent Camping, RV camping, staying in the University, participating in the BBQ potluck on Saturday, singing, or just hanging out, are just some of the ways you can get involved with Family Camp.

If you’re planning on coming out, even for a just a day trip, please register using the link below – it will help us know how much food we need to provide and how best to plan our activities.  You can either mail or hand deliver your registration money to Eastside’s office, or hand it to Belinda, David, Steve, or  Troy  out at Camp. (please note, registration and money does not go through Camp’s office, it goes directly to Eastside.)

For more information email  Please send your registration money to: Eastside Church of Christ 9030 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97220


Register Online Here